“Vkontakte” launches a new format of the content feed with a short music video clips. To view the app now has a separate button, it is submitted directly to the panel and by pressing this button the user actually gets to tape a short video. And although, in fact, this replicates the mechanics of the popular app TikTok, which has half a billion monthly users from around the world, in “Vkontakte” said that this is just the result of audience research.

Alexander Tobol, technical Director “Vkontakte”: “We really analyzed primarily of interest and number of views for specific content types, and saw that the interest of the audience grows to a short video in which filmed some interesting creative things, where there are some unexpected results, interesting bonding, special effects and other things. That is, we built the service exclusively on the analysis of our internal statistics and studies the work of authors when creating the clips.”

to adapt to potential competitors are and technologically. Here augmented reality and gesture control to launch a survey, showing victory, for put forward the palm will be added to the effect of the flash, shows the heart – everything will be pink.

Marina Krasnova, Director of product, head of content platforms “Vkontakte”: “We focus on technology, we have always said that technology is a driver of growth and the attention of the audience, from VR-mechanics and ability to create cool video of professional level, simply and quickly is what will stimulate authors to engage in the creation of a platform short video as the audience to watch and try to repeat is the first. The second is of course multi-million audience. She had already watching a video. We are already talking about 750 million hits a day and 80 million audience. We have this audience, it comes to us every day, we just give them a popular format for self-expression and involvement in new and new consumption. They more time they can we have to have that.”

That a recommendation algorithm in “Vkontakte” sees some additional benefit. The social network knows a lot about each user and can give him exactly the movie that needs him on the idea like, well, a bet on high-quality content creators, artists and musicians, which is already in “Vkontakte”, even invented a special name for this type of video, UGC, that is, professional custom content, which promise to show more often.

Alexander Tobol, technical Director “Vkontakte”: “it takes into account everything from the quality of the video, from what happens in the video, from the location created by this roller and so on. Our algorithms use all available signals and factors in order to rank this video”.

Marina Krasnova, Director of product, head of content platforms “Vkontakte”: “Conventionally, the video, shot in a soap chamber, will be of interest to friends, but I guess massively is not so interesting, although there are exceptions. If you sort the clips only on the quality of the recording, it will also be slightly wrong approach. Sometimes the tops fall completely pixilation video, which collect some crazy numbers.”

Advertising in a new short video is not, but in “Vkontakte” said that plan to add to it. Clips themselves can do only a select few authors, but “Vkontakte” promised within a few weeks or at most months, to give access to tools for all. Well, about the music for these clips. It is important that the “Vkontakte” has its own music service, which facilitated negotiations with mediarama, and they say, this means that musicians who have a audience in this social network, not necessarily to do a short video for other sites. On virality, you can expect right here.

Text: News.Hi-tech