“Vkontakte” launched a new service for financial support of sponsors, VK Donut. Now every user will be able to make a monthly donation (so far — only group), from 50 to 2000 rubles and get access to some unique features in it. For example, to the posts, the polls, which will influence the development of the community or something.

I Must say that “donuts” have become the norm after the Internet there are professional bloggers. They began to collect donations from the audience in one form or another, in the end there were two models: the first regular donations, then the main player was the service Patreon, where the user supports independent authors, artists, or musicians, the second model of spontaneous donations, which have become especially popular on the streaming service, like Twitch, but at last the time came and broadcast on YouTube. Evaluate the world market for “donations” is very difficult, but over the past year, one only Patreon received more than $500 million Twitch the exact amount of “donations” does not reveal, but what is called “non-advertising income” of the service will exceed $1 billion In Russia the amount of course, less, but to refuse them would be weird.

Dmitry Kostryukov, project Manager VK Donut: “we Have a system different from all the competitors in the market, that is, no one has such close integration of users and authors. Accordingly, the subscription model there are other services, such as Patreon. The difference in them is that they need to catch up to his audience for him to collect it, and we have everything integrated into the website”.

to Attract content creators want a lower Commission than the competition — only 5% upon withdrawal of the card. If the money stays in the VK payment system Pay no Commission at all. The same Patreon, which we have mentioned, takes his 10%, but for donors, primarily for the so-called core audience, the most loyal part of the subscribers, promise the convenience of obtaining content.

Dmitry Kostryukov, project Manager VK Donut: “Initially, when we developed the Donut, we were thinking about implementing anonymous payments, respectively, other possibilities of “nationality”, but as you work with the audience we decided to focus on the core. That authors had the ability to create any content type, so it was instantly available to users. The content created by the author, is sent to the PM, consequently, users instantly see it, they don’t need to go to the tape and look for it among some posts.”


has Become so popular in recent years masks, as it turned out, can be high-tech, and useful from the point of view of interaction with the outside world. Your option of turning this accessory into a natural gadget introduced Japanese startup. Called the C-mask and consists of a removable medical mask with microphone, speaker and wireless module. All of this connects to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and can, for example, decipher it, translate it to text, save bookish thoughts in the notes. Can work as a “megaphone”, that is to amplify the voice of the owner, thus solving the problem of the deaf and silent voice from under the mask.

of Course, the built-in microphone you can use just for phone calls, it was said to be safer than to remove this disposable protective mask and more practical. Because in good times everyone have to wear new. And the most interesting — a built-in voice translator. Supports English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian. List promise to expand, but the mere fact that it is wearable on the person translator in real time is useful.

However, with the translation there’s some feature — this feature will require a monthly subscription fees and is in addition to the cost of the mask itself, and it is at the moment $40. However, potential buyers is enough. On crowdfunding site to launch the project collected a quarter of a million dollars in just 37 minutes, and now, not releasing this, talking about the next version with wifi module and augmented reality technology. Why all this, however, does not explain.

Text: To.Hi-tech