Вести.net: United States tightened sanctions against the Chinese Corporation Huawei

the American authorities now require that foreign manufacturers that use American equipment and technology for manufacture of integrated circuits by the order of Huawei, has received a separate license. The design of the chips Huawei makes itself, as their production orders from specialized companies. In particular, Taiwan’s TSMC, the largest player of this market who bakes processors for Apple, and Qualcomm, and for the vast number of other corporations.

according to several sources, TSMC has already stopped taking orders from Huawei, and it is almost the only company who have mastered the production process of 7 nm. This means that to produce modern, efficient and cost effective processors of its own design Huawei probably just nowhere else. And generally the production of semiconductors it is very expensive and accessible to very few tech companies on the planet and that’s what in China to play yet at the appropriate level could not.

Chinese authorities, of course, already promised to invest another $2 billion in the largest domestic provider SMIC, but replacing the modern factory is unlikely, and certainly not today. For comparison, the same TSMC to your future Arizona plant to invest $12 billion and he will earn only 3 years. The plant, which will produce the CPUs Apple, including future generations a cost of $ 17 billion. On other TSMC capital spending this year allocates another $16 billion However, the new requirements of the us authorities are reported to not affect already concluded contracts. So the next generation of processors Kirin probably TSMC will still print.

meanwhile, the German authorities urged to stop using the WhatsApp messenger. This was stated by the authorized government of Germany on data protection issues and a former member of the Bundestag. Ulrich Kelber sent an official letter to all ministries and departments, which clearly explained the usage of the messenger is not permissible for Federal officials.

Caliber criticized WhatsApp on the background of how in Germany there have been increasing reports on the use of messenger by officials of different levels in terms of quarantines and remote work. According to data protection officer Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, gets the metadata of each message, IP address, location, information about the smartphone and its operating system, the date and time of the message. Kelber believes that this is sufficient in order to make an accurate user profile, up to a hobby, profession, financial situation, preferences and health status, and therefore officials should not use this messenger service.

In WhatsApp these accusations, of course, denied. They said that the metadata is neither Facebook nor any other company are not available. Reminded that all messages are protected end-to-end encryption. That is, to read them can only sender and receiver. However, the safety of WhatsApp complaints a lot. Instances of hacking of the messenger, including the address, it was enough. The big story is when the network got intimate photos of Jeff Bezos, head Amazon. And they passed under the bridge after one of the richest people in the world have opened the file sent to him on WhatsApp Saudi Prince. Then EU urged to abandon the use of this messenger and go, for example on the Signal. And founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov regularly attacked the competitors, claims that the vulnerability, which consistently find WhatsApp is not vulnerabilities and backdoors left by arrangement with us intelligence agencies, but also Signal it is also not recommended.

Text: To.Hi-tech