Вести.net: Twitter is not ready to concede in opposition to Donald trump

Twitter is not the arbiter of truth, but will continue to mark incorrect or disputed information about the election. This was the response from the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey to criticism of the company after marking the tweets of US President. We described in past editions that the microblogging platform tagged tweets Donald trump as false. The US President argued that the mailing of ballots for voting in the presidential elections by email in California will lead to the breaking of boxes and rigging.

Under these publications trump has a link “get the facts about voting by mail,” which led to articles in such publications as CNN and the Washington Post, which named these statements groundless. The fact of the marks on the tweets of the President caused great excitement. The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Fox News said that his company has a different policy: “Facebook will not be the arbiter of truth for all that people say on the Internet, adding that social networks should not censor the statements of the people on the platform.” The head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was asked to leave his company alone and added that the social network will continue to mark the wrong information on elections around the world. According to him it does not make the platform the arbiter of truth. Twitter just points to contradictory statements and controversial information, so that people could learn the whole story and to draw conclusions themselves.

Jack Dorsey also explained why the social network has marked two tweets of the President of the United States. He said the messages violated the rules of Twitter, as it could create the impression that California will not need to register to receive ballots by mail. The trick to Twitter is so I touched the President of the United States that, according to the newspaper Washington Post, trump has decided to sign a decree that will allow to influence on the social networks. According to representatives of the White house administration, the decree must be signed today. Officials did not provide Bloomberg with any details, so it is unclear how trump intends to restrict the activities of private companies, including Twitter.

Text: To.Hi-tech