Вести.net: Twitter first noted record of trump as invalid

Twitter first noted record of trump as false. In marked tweets, the US President commented on the vote by mail, which is organized by the Democrats. In his opinion, the results of such elections would be easy to forge. In particular, he wrote, mailboxes will be robbed, the ballots forged, and even illegally printed and signed fraudulently.

After that, the message has a link “get the facts about voting by mail”. It was given publication of such publications as CNN, The Washington Post, which named these statements groundless. In response, trump announced the social network of meddling in the election campaign and added that Twitter suppresses freedom of speech, and he will not allow it. By the way, Twitter began testing a new way of dealing with false reports in February. The social network tags media, if they consider that they have been specially edited to lead people astray. And in early March, Twitter has celebrated political videos as manipulation. The author of the post was the social media Director of the White house Dan Scavino.

the World’s media, of course, told that Twitter made against the status of trump, however, stated that most of the tweets of U.S. President continues to ignore the social network. We are talking about messages, in which trump has offended Mexicans calling them bad people, of women, telling how in his youth grabbed their feminine charms, Kim Jong UN, calling him a man-missile and other tweets. I must say that the social network and “datamovie” the times was the hot political arena of America, moreover the previous President Abama has even more subscribers. But not one politician has not yet turned his blog into the main instrument not only PR relationship with the public, and policy as such, and even the work of the state apparatus, that is, in fact, to lead the country.

Donald trump started to actively use Twitter before presidency and after plunch at the elections continued to post messages to your personal account, which became more popular than official account of the President of the United States. Now having 80 million people, the official page of the President is only 30, and the message realDonaldTrump that’s his nickname, have a weight, which can be the envy of the official orders of the White house. For example, as noted by the journalists, one tweet was enough to prematurely dismiss the Minister of defense James Mattis. Significantly this activity in social networks is due to the fact that trump since the election conflicts with the part of the media and direct channel remarks he was simply necessary.

Text: To.Hi-tech