Вести.net: TSMC stopped taking orders from Huawei on the processors

Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, has stopped taking orders for the production of processors from the Corporation Huawei, the second in market share smartphone vendor in the world. Reports the Agency Reuters, citing the Nikkei.

Here you need to understand that developing a CPU Huawei itself and, apparently, quite successfully. In General with import substitution the year now under us sanctions Corporation all right. In its latest phones, only one percent of the us chips a year ago was more than ten, but there is an area of technology that the Chinese are still fully playable not.

it is about the physical production of processors. This is a complicated and very expensive. The flagship in this industry just Taiwanese TSMC, it bakes processors and Huawei, and Apple, and Qualcomm. And now, a few days ago information surfaced that Washington is trying to force the Taiwanese to refuse to process orders from Huawei. Concomitant administration of trump urged TSMC to open their production in the USA, in Arizona, to the processors for the iPhone and iPad were made in America. And here is the first TSMC said that the plant in Arizona will be built for $ 12 billion, and now they say that new orders from Huawei Taiwanese refused. The official comment is true yet, but already is a kind of response from the Chinese. Beijing is investing 2 billion dollars into the local producer processors.

“Vkontakte”, Russia’s largest social network finally launched group video calling. Finally, because competitors, both Russian and Western on the background of mass isolation of coronavirus has already implemented such a function, now caught up and “Vkontakte”. And here is the technology in its execution calls can be made only from the app on iOS or Android, simultaneously in the conversation you can include no more than 8 people, and yet to create a crystal can not do everything customspruce.

“Vkontakte” promises to make the function public in a few days. Through the web interface to initiate calls and answer them it is impossible, at least not yet. I must say that video calls one-on-one in “Vkontakte” appeared two years ago, and the social network have already noted that on the background of the coronavirus, their popularity grew, and a quarter. However, in the current conditions it is especially valuable group calls. And the main competitor of “Vkontakte” social networks “Classmates”, such calls appeared in 2018. Now the conversation can connect up to 100 people. “Vkontakte” I recall only two. And, it seems that in the holding Mail.ru owning both the social network view technology as “Classmates” is more reliable. It was built in other products groups, for example in the mail, there has recently been possible to create group video calling without registration, is available at the link, like the popular service for video conferencing Zoom.

As told by our program staff “Vkontakte” design your own group video calling was not easy. They wanted to run for quite some time, but feared that the system will not sustain the load. Oh and not to mention that against the background of mass quarantines and most importantly not very prepared for the transition to remote work and, of course, looking at the example Zoom audience which in four months grew from 10 million to 400 million people, if one has not launched a video conference, then at least promised to do so. Even Telegram and Dating service Tinder.

Text: To.Hi-tech