Вести.net: the President has signed the law about blocking pirated apps

President Vladimir Putin signed a law blocking pirated apps. It stipulates that the obligation to block such mobile programs is borne by the owners of the programs themselves, operators and aggregators, that is, app stores, mobile devices App Store and Google Play. Roskomnadzor will send out a letter with the requirements about blocking pirated videos, music and books not only on websites but also mobile applications. At the stage of working on the bill in the state Duma participants of the market asked him to soften, for example increasing the term to limit access from one day to nine business days or not to block the entire app if it is technically possible to restrict access to specific content in it.

Experts believe that this law will hurt the entire industry and, most critically it will respond to Apple and Google, who will have to bear the additional costs for moderation in Russia and to resolve disputes with developers from which could be followed by lawsuits corporations in the case of incorrect locking.

the video conferencing service Google Meet the function of noise reduction technology based on artificial intelligence during the video removes the noise and leaves only the voice. The voice, of course, also sounds a bit muffled, but without any annoying background noise. The company believes that now is the time to launch such technologies. In the epidemic of the coronavirus using the technology of video has increased dramatically, as people are forced to work and study at home. Google reports that in April the service Meet every day used 100 million people. But it is far from the market leader video calling service Zoom, which grew during the quarantine from 10 million to 200 million users.

Text: To.Hi-tech