Вести.net: the founder of Magic Leap is leaving his post

the Most promising startup in the field of augmented reality, Magic Leap seems to be going down. It became known that its founder, the soul and the face of the company Rony Abovitz leaving his post, and amid a corporate crisis, and, apparently, under pressure from the Board of Directors, but Magic Leap under his leadership, managed to become almost the most rasparenny startup in this field.

the company has invested more than three billion dollars, with giants such as Alibaba, Qualcomm, Google and even the government of Saudi Arabia. And all the money the company received before the first showed his device. All enough demo videos that showed Magic Leap, they are in true reality it was possible to play and work, and the graphics occupied the entire field of view. The market is waiting for the device for several years and the result was incredibly disappointed. Headset true reality Magic Leap One appeared in 2018 and the virtual display the actual augmented reality was very small.

moreover, it was found that the same videos were not a real demonstration of the capabilities of the device, they were drawn by experts on special effects from Peter Jackson’s company, the same one that drew the graphics for Lord of the Rings. And those glasses were expensive, more than $2 000, in the end – the failing sales. The promise of the new version by next year, investors are not impressed and in tecnopresse rumors about what Magic Leap completely closed, but that didn’t happen. The company laid off thousands more employees and attracted new funding – $ 350 million.

Apparently, the condition thereof was the departure of CEO and founder. Himself Above expressed in that spirit that the Board of Directors decided that it would be better. They say now companies need more people with business thinking, and he was supposedly the engineer is a visionary. But this story once again proved that while the device of the augmented reality are not suitable for gaming or content consumption, that is, for the average userLa. The first gadgets Google Glass and HoloLens from Microsoft has found buyers in the corporate ranks, however Microsoft has entered into a contract with the Pentagon, the augmented reality glasses need to make of a soldier a true hero of computer games, well, according to unconfirmed information, its augmented reality glasses concerning the mass market, Apple is preparing, but while nothing is known for sure.

meanwhile, Microsoft fired 27 journalists and replaced them with artificial intelligence technology. We are talking about professionals who selected articles for the British version MSN.com is a news resource Microsoft, as well as for the start page of the browser Edge. It’s not the journalists that create original texts all 27 people involved in the selection of materials of other publications and processing them under the format of Microsoft, now it will be doing artificial intelligence, and to select and edit notes. Microsoft assures that the decision is not linked to falling advertising revenues amid coronavirus. As newspaper the Guardian writes that likely soon, the company will refuse from the editors in other countries again in favor of neural networks.

Proper selection of material using neural networks is not something incredibly new, so today, a tape of social networks and also created page of news aggregators, both in Russia and around the world. Moreover, the neural network can select a unique set of articles under the interests of each individual user, and furthermore the algorithms that form the short notes have almost all the media, from the Associated Press, BBC, Reuters, New York Times, Forbes and so on. But editing while neural networks are massively not trust, even though such technologies already exist. Microsoft recently demonstrated how their new neural network is able to recount the essence and small fragments of text and even entire works, but with “Romeo and Juliet” on the streets uncomfortable. The essence of narration has been reduced to the phrase in the spirit “in General, all died.”

Text: News.Hi-tech