Вести.net the authorities don't like the anonymity COVID monitoring from Apple and Google

co-developed by Apple and Google technology to track possible contacts with patients with mers intend to implement only three of the American state. 17 decided to withdraw from participating in this project, the rest wondering. Such data are cited by 9to5mac.

Apple and Google say that globally the interest in the technology was expressed by 22 countries, but didn’t say what. In the same Eurozone is not yet consensus. It is known that France, the UK and Norway will use their own solution. Austria, Switzerland and Germany will introduce a version of Apple and Google, and in Italy the authorities promise to use the technology from the it giants, and in parallel to implement your own solution.

the Ministry of health in some countries promise to monitor the technology from Apple and Google. And, if it proves effective, to make the application using this tool. Will you use the system in Russia is not clear. In any case, our government has not commented neither in support of this decision, or against him.

basically, the Ministry of health of the unhappy conditions which have put Apple and Google. The company said that the applications that will use their tool for contact tracing should be voluntary. That is not to oblige people to put them. Moreover, the system is anonymous, and the user can at any time disable. And it also does not suit all officers.

Recall that this week Apple and Google have implemented the function itself in the operating system. This means that the Ministry of health can release apps that use it. In Russia this function on the operating level. Systems not yet active. Anyway, on the iPhone.


Facebook launches group chat via videoconference for professional users. Late, but still. Feature called Workplace Rooms that are obviously a response to the rapid growth of popularity of services like video Zoom, whichlesuuda already up to 400 million people daily. Well, or rather, Microsoft Teams.

the New Facebook tool is included in business service Facebook Workplace. It is somewhat similar to the popular enterprise instant messengers, for example – Slack. The social network recently reported that the records past six months, the service grew by about half, to 5 million people. If you compare with competitors it is relatively small. The same Microsoft Teams are 75 million users.

However, it is interesting here that the social network is making a big bet on tools for remote work. For example, the head unit augmented and virtual reality Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth has published a short video of what to look for workstation using headsets Oculus, which produces the same Facebook.

by Itself, the demonstration that these are virtual desktops that can still be moved at will in the virtual space, it’s not that something incredibly new. Something similar was shown, for example, Microsoft with its Hololens and Magic Leap, too. But it is important that Facebook, which used Oculus with his-th was put mainly on games and educational content, now shifts the focus towards how time virtual jobs.

Well, it may be that this technology will be tested EN masse just employees of Facebook. CEO mark Zuckerberg stated that let many of his subordinates constantly to work from home. According to his estimates, half of the nearly 50 000 employees will transfer to the remote mode for the next 10 years. But there is a caveat: if employees want to move from Silicon valley, which is known for the high cost of living, they will need to notify the company. And they may cut salaries.

Text: To.Hi-tech