Вести.net: Spotify will once again try to enter the Russian market

the Largest music streaming service Spotify will once again try to enter the Russian market. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Swedish music streaming service has again started talks with MTS about the launch in our country. Experts say that this is a common strategy in new markets. The access of the audience with cell data will allow the markets to save on marketing, so he is always looking for local partners. For Spotify this is the fourth attempt of the company to enter the Russian market, but every time something goes wrong. And here is the new launch date – fall 2020.

If Spotify is still working, the major players in the streaming music market in Russia will have to share the audience. She, by the way, according to the latest data is more than 60 million users. Spotify, launched in 2006, became the world’s first Internet audio streaming, allowing you to legally listen to music. We can say that it formed, in fact, the market for streaming services in the Internet. Now the approval of the company, have Spotify more than 200 million users and is the biggest player in this market, although only just reached profitability. More than half of users listening for free version with advertising breaks.

Sony have decided on a new date for the presentation of games for the PlayStation 5. It will be held June 11. At the upcoming online translation is expected to announce the initial set of games for the console. No details yet, but say that the event will show a lot of Ukrainian multi-platform innovations, including Valhalla Assasins Creed, Destiny 2, and many others. And of course everyone is waiting for details of how game developers will use fundamentally new graphics system PlayStation 5 and technology raytracing, draw the reflection of rays that promise a new level of realism. And of course, the audience is also waiting for a new technical details, appearance and the cost of the PlayStation 5. Since the first announcement of a new generation of consoles in 2019, Sony revealed the name of the console, its logo, some features and the new controller DualSense, while not revealed the design of the console, and it’s unclear whether Sony plans to do it next Thursday.

Text: To.Hi-tech