Вести.net Sony and Microsoft have created a smart sensor for cameras

Sony and Microsoft have created a “smart” camera sensor with a built-in artificial intelligence. This is a big technological news and event in the field of partnership between the two corporations. Sony demonstrated the world’s first chip that is able to get video and process it. The fact is that the earlier computation with artificial intelligence, such as recognition or improvement was done in the cloud, it increases the network load and energy consumption.

In recent years, the processing tried to do on the device itself, but using a separate processor. For example, in smart phones to unlock for the person or computational photography. Sony was even more compact, that is, directly into the camera sensor and embedded memory, and a processor for processing the video, it is possible to download the necessary algorithm of the processing and the camera will give preobrazhennya results. The example of Sony, the use of this sensor in cameras in smart stores. Let’s say you need to calculate how many people, what about age and gender entered the room, please adjust the algorithm directly on the camera, and it transmits to the system output. The processing of the video is high frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Sony is already offering to embed that in a system that will monitor the behavior of the driver in the vehicle and to signal if he was distracted from the road. Another important aspect is that Sony insists that the security of such systems is significantly higher than those that betray the video for processing on somewhere simply because to intercept the original data in such a situation is almost impossible. And now Sony together with Microsoft told, how to create this chip and how it can be integrated into the entire business system.

the company explained that the combined expertise Sony is known for its photo-sensors of high quality, and Microsoft is responsible for the artificial intelligence, that is directly on the sensor spinning technology Azure, the Microsoft cloud brand, hotsaledetailed work on the end devices, part of the calculations done on the spot, something or the result can be sent further in a great cloud.

Microsoft invests in Azure and it solutions for the Internet of things, all sorts of “smart” cameras, sensors and Analytics that is built on information from them. And I must say that an American company recently promoting it’s the “smart” systems, in which computations are possible on the devices Azure IoT Edge. Camera with a new sensor, apparently, will be an important part of such systems, just because of videovigilancia on the device to make it substantially more difficult, and the Declaration on cooperation in this field is the second for Microsoft and Sony. Last year gaming infrastructure Sony has been transferred to the technology from Microsoft in the first place is exactly the same Azure.

This resulted in a big scandal, because the game division of the Japanese Corporation, the PlayStation, a very profitable and influential, and seems to have informed it after the fact. They had to go on the decisions from the competition, because Microsoft is releasing the second most popular gaming console Xbox. And now it turned out that the Azure technology will work not only in the gaming division of Sony, but in other projects, cooperation between Japanese and American corporations stronger.

Another bit of news, but from the field of personal data protection. In Ukraine have detained a man who allegedly was hiding behind the nickname Sanex, and was known as the seller almost the largest database of names, passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers in history. Only combinations, email passwords in it more than a billion. From security professionals, this set is even called collection room alone. The detainee, even if this is the Sanex, not a hacker and didn’t break into anything, but laboriously collected in one database and put up for sale that was stolen by others.

Text: News.Hi-tech