Вести.net: Sberbank attributed the plan to buy a stake in Ozon

Sberbank has not yet emerged from the project marketplace “Take”, and plans to buy a stake in the online service trade Ozon, at least so says Reuters, citing its sources. According to Reuters, the Bank will receive one-third stake in Ozon, this information was also confirmed by RBC. The transaction amount is unknown, but a year ago Ozon was estimated at 40-42 billion rubles. And RBC and Reuters are calling a possible scenario with the release of Ozon on the stock exchange.

Recall, a few days ago there were reports that Sberbank suspends partnership with “Yandex” in and out of joint projects. In this case, “Yandex” leaves interdictor of the company “Yandex.Money”, and Sberbank trading floor “Take”. And now it turns out that instead the Bank invests in Ozon, which assessment Data Insight, takes the third place in terms of online sales in Russia, after the Wildberries and “Citylink” and “Take” in which “Sberbank” about half of the stock only at the twelfth line.

In General, we can assume that Sberbank its position in the it field only strengthens. If the deal with Ozon will focus on high-tech markets the Bank will share in three large e-commerce services, each of which with its powerful logistics. This Delivery Club, delivery to the door within cities, sort of the last mile, classic big recognizable online store Ozon, with a developed delivery network across the country and its logistic centers and the Russian segment of the popular global AliExpress store, which focuses primarily on cross-border trade. And it’s only e-commerce, and Sberbank along with Mail.Ru in a joint venture there are taxis, car sharing and other services. In addition, the Bank owns almost half the shares of the Rambler, and it’s an online cinema Okko several MediaPortal and payment service “Rambler-cashier”.

And now to the important hardware news. Huawei introduced the real phone of the era of “coronavirus” – it can measure the temperature of the human body. We are talking about the Honor Play 4 Pro has a built-in infrared sensor, it is instead one of the cameras. Huawei claims the phone is capable of measuring temperature from -20 to +100 degrees with an accuracy of one tenth of a degree. To use the sensor to measure temperature of people, animals and any objects.

In a demo video, which appeared on Chinese social network Weibo shows what to measure, you can attach the phone to the man’s forehead and after a few seconds the device will show the result. Here it is interesting that on the one hand everything is a matter of proper timing of release, and the other is where the idea to develop further in the sense that the ability to remotely measure the temperature of each device was given before, only did this company not so well-known and little need for pocket thermometer was not popular but it did not. At the same time, that Cat, that is, the Caterpillar, the famous heavy machinery manufacturer has made four years ago is much more interesting. We shot this phone at the exhibition in Barcelona and there wasn’t an infrared sensor, there was a built-in smartphone full imager is not very high resolution, but it is working. Today would be useful to many.

Text: To.Hi-tech