Вести.net Sberbank and VTB have started the official channels in the Telegram

In the Telegram list of official channels, updated two banks. Difficult two banks and the two largest state-owned banks, Sberbank and VTB, has launched its own channels in the messenger Telegram, and VTB and more highly free first a message telling the world: “ku-Ku!”. All this happened shortly after the status of the messenger in Russia has changed.

I recall on the eve of Roskomnadzor announced that in coordination with the General Prosecutor’s office will remove the requirements for restricting access to Telegram. Commented on the situation, the Moscow city court, which clarified the legal side of the statement of Roskomnadzor. Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, again welcomed the decision. Let me remind you, access Telegram began to limit two years ago – a complete blocking of service was not achieved.

Another big Russian news. The Federal Antimonopoly service decided to soften the requirements for pre-installation of domestic programmes on smartphones, laptops, and “smart” TVs, which are sold in Russia. According to “Kommersant” under the new rules would not be required to preinstall the entire application, it will be enough icons to download them or information on the stage of activation phone. It is said, should facilitate the work of Apple’s ecosystem, where the company of third-party applications do not presets. Other requirements are the same producers will be obliged to draw attention to the 13 types of Russian applications, including search services, maps, antivirus, online cinema, online Services, instant messengers and social networks, cloud storage services, office software, news aggregator, and voice assistant. Make the regulations according to “Kommersant” have until 1 June.

global news Russian origin, a startup of former head Yota Denis Sverdlov, Arrival introduced an electric bus and then the keyword connected, that is constantly having Internet access. Arrival no details of what kind of opportunities will appear systems have buses, but they promise that it will be possible at the moment to track every vehicle, manage, and transmit any information on their screens: from advertising to announcements to passengers. Even talking about a sound background in the buses, which can be managed centrally, but, apparently, the system will collect some information about using buses.

on Arrival saying the data will help track the flow of passengers and to adjust to demand. These buses look futuristic, it has a bright living room, large Windows, lots of screens, the opportunity to transform the interior for any purpose. He Arrival was founded in 2015 and is principally engaged in the creation of a platform for building cars that run on electricity. Its most known product – electroorgan, for delivery services, they are already testing UPS, DHL and UK mail, and these vans can be set up on the basis of ready-made models with a gasoline or diesel engine. For this, the company has developed a modular system that allows you to assemble electric cars in large plants. Design modular in the same database, you can collect different types of commercial vehicles in the future, and personal, too. The basis of the electric buses put the same electrical system.

Earlier Arrival told that their cars will cost the same as the counterparts with the petrol engine, and the service will cost almost half the price. Well, I must say that Arrival is the second company Denis Sverdlov, which is engaged in the electric vehicle. Simultaneously with the Arrival the company was founded Roborace, which is designed for holding races at electric drones. The prototype of this car was shown three years ago at the world mobile Congress in Barcelona. Then planned that the race will be held under the auspices of the “Formula 1”, more precisely, its electric version of “Formula E”. The glory of this undertaking while not the beginning, but the test race is still held, albeit without an audience.

Text: News.Hi-tech