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Вести.net President trump fell for the prank of teenagers from TikTok

Вести.net President trump fell for the prank of teenagers from TikTok

President trump fell for the prank of teenagers from Facebook TikTok. As the newspaper writes New York Times on Saturday took place the first after the lifting of the quarantine pre-election rally of President of the United States. A few days before the rally, the head of staff Donald trump has announced that it has received over a million applications from those wishing to come to the event. For them near the stadium at Tulsa, on 20 thousand places where it was planned to hold a rally built an extra stage and a Playground for 40,000 people, that they too were able to watch the stream.

trump planned after the speech to get out on the court. However, in a protest at the main arena it’s only 7 000 people. According to the newspaper, users of the social network TikTok and vansoest musical genre K-pop which stands for Korean pop music, okay and just for fun signed up for the event, it is certainly not going to visit it. Videos with detailed instructions were distributed to TikTok, which gathered millions of views.

Reporters noted that Twitter and Facebook was full of rollers, in which the Americans completed the registration for the event and encouraged others to come to a meeting with the President, but the TikTok somehow dropped out of sight of the election headquarters trump and nobody noticed, like teenagers under the noses of adults antikamnia launched and successfully conducted. However, this whole situation could be a prank not TikTok-Teens, and political rivals trump.

the Federal Antimonopoly service has not confirmed the displacement of a bill on domestic presets software this is stated on the Agency’s website. In particular, the FAS decided not to give anyone of the participants in the market in the prevailing conditions, including the Apple and not the mitigation requirements, special conditions in the draft was not made. At the end of last week, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the new rules do not have to preinstall the app entirely, just enough icons to download them or information window on the stage activation of the phone.

Actually, it was supposed to simplify the work with an open ecosystem of Apple. The company remains the only manufacturer, who refuses to preinstall the app before selling their devices. Meanwhile, as the Federal Antimonopoly service producers can choose from three technical types of preset: this preset to the hard disk selection window or the provision of rendered images icons followed by the preset on the hard disk after the user selects the desired application. Such options were provided for low-cost smartphones with low memory. You can download this item and use it, although its cheap products name of course is impossible. The only thing that has changed is the date of entry into force of the draft, is now offering its July 2020 to start it in January 2021.

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