Вести.net: phones Honor returned to the system of contactless payments from Sberbank

phone returned Honor system of contactless payments in the performance of Sberbank. Announced at the national launch of the new flagship Honor Pro 30+. Let me remind you, under the us sanctions, Huawei, and accordingly sobrang Honor release smartphones now on a clean version of Android without the proprietary Google services. This means that without the app store, Play Market without Google Assistant and without the payment system Google Pay. That’s just with the payment system until now was the biggest problem. If the application can be installed from a corporate store Huawei AppGallary or from third party sources, and the voice assistant is not a matter of the first necessity, to pay for new phones Huawei Honor and it was impossible, even if somehow all the same to return the Google services.

And now the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Svetlana Kirsanova promised contactless payments for smartphones Honor very soon. It can already be considered a success – Huawei Corporation in the case of involuntary rush of creating their own ecosystem and the desire to make it through a set of partnerships with local players. In the case of Russia is particularly useful, simply because we have the set of strong local it projects from Mail.ru Group and “Yandex”. With the latest way associated second notable announcement during the presentation of a new Honor. Voice assistant “Alice”, as it was stated, was embedded at the operating system level, he previously worked, but from the application of “Yandex”.

Now the “Alice” may be called at any time as well as Google Assistant. Well, it should be noted that immediately, in just a few hours after the Russian presentation of the flagship Honor, hosted the Russian presentation of the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi. Here there are no complications and surprises, all the Google services on devices Xiaomi working. And phones themselves – it’s not that news. There probably wondering what this looks like the simultaneous announcement directly as the response published this week the report of research company GfK, which counted the drop in sales of smartphones in Russia, as much as 42%, if you compare April with March.

Text: To.Hi-tech