Вести.net more than 150 advertisers Facebook announced a boycott

More than 150 advertisers have declared boycott Facebook. They demanded that the social network change the rules by which the models posts and users that Facebook has already cost more than 8% capitalization. The value of the company fell to 56 billion dollars, simply because the company just did in the advertisement.

the conflict has gone on since the beginning of June, then the activists demanded to moderate the posts of President of the United States in social networks, because they believed that Donald trump calls for violence against the protesters, and post misinformation about the election. The head of Facebook said that people have a right to know what plans to make President. Later the platform began to block and other similar posts American activists and politicians. In response, several community organizations have found the leverage they urged brands to withdraw from advertising on Facebook say the social network is struggling enough with the rhetoric against the protesters of racism, hatred and misinformation ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

a Couple of weeks the call like no one noticed, but at the end of last week he responded to very large companies: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Honda, Levi Strauss, one of the main operators in the USA, Verizon, FMCG giant Unilever. The last two generally are in the top 100 most active advertisers on Facebook, and each of them spends on advertising in social networks hundreds of millions of dollars monthly. Actually, that’s why the shares of the social network has fallen so sharply. While some specific requirements of the business there.

CNBC think what’s even more calculating than the politicians. Lately, the American segment of the network radicalized and there are many sharp positions and in support of the protesters and their criticism, and in this frame may look out of place. In addition, summer is traditionally the period of the advertising lull. Major costs in this market have for the new year period, so that the temporary waiver of advertising – it’s free and loud PR move, and analysts expect to season all companies will return. Many of them, in fact, announced that the boycott is for a month.

it is Unlikely that the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg tried to meet some requirements, it is still in fairly vague terms, promised to change the rules of social networks to block ads, in which there is incitement to hatred against any group of people. And once again confirmed that Facebook will not remove or obscure the message of politicians, even if they violate the rules of social networks, but will begin to mark them in any special way. And in an official letter to Facebook said that it will not change policy under pressure from advertisers, however, American journalists believe that the company’s position may change if the boycott will be joined by even more companies.

Here it is interesting that all the noise around simulation of politicians in social media began with Twitter, which has decided to hide some posts of Donald trump as calling for violence towards the protesters, so how do you solve these algorithms and rules are the same for all. But it turned out that the algorithms censors, too, he noted, for example, in the fight against fakes on the links of cellular networks of the fifth generation with the coronavirus, under the distribution were generally not related to the topic of the publication. Recently users have noticed that the suspicions in the promotion of conspiracy theories arise at the mention of certain words together, in particular oxygen and frequency and, as expected, the network community immediately transferred the whole thing into a joke and the mob, triggering algorithm reports: “I went diving. The frequency of my breathing was high, which led to the loss of oxygen and I had to emerge quickly to the surface.” And just posts about the frequency of oxygen also marked the social network as fakes. Twitter admitted the error, the company wrote that working to improve the system when they solve the problem is unknown.

Text: Lead.Hi-tech