Вести.net Microsoft introduced the supercomputer for artificial intelligence

the Main technological event of the day conference Microsoft Build. Of course, this year predominantly in online, all today. However, unlike most presentations of recent weeks, Microsoft some amount of Studio space for demos and performances still retained.

of the achievements noted a billion active devices on Windows 10, four trillion minutes per month, which is carried out in this operating system. That’s a lot, it’s two hours a day for all of that conventionally billion users and this is not counting the many other versions of Windows the outdated and desktop, to strongly recessed and other service. In General, the penetration of Windows on the planet. From announcements – the biggest in terms of numbers and probably money is a new supercomputer specially designed to operate with artificial intelligence.

At Microsoft talking about 285 thousand cores and ten thousand GPUs. And that he will enter the top five most powerful supercomputers in the world but the performance of that supercomputer in the conventional quantities, i.e. the number of calculations per second why is not called. However, to use this computer, you will still be able to only one organization – the brainchild of Elon musk OpenAI, which is engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence as a helper for man, and not as a threat to humanity. In fact, her computer was developed. It is a commercial partnership, but the order amount was not disclosed.

Microsoft says that with the new computer will be able to bring a new level of complex neural networks. They say that before the experts on machine learning developed models that use datasets to accomplish a single goal, object recognition, text translation or something else, but with some scripts it handles better large model trained for example on billions of pages publicly available texts. Such systems are capable of solving many complex problems from different oblastei using a common understanding of what is happening, and not experience in any one region. The description is partly similar to the General artificial intelligence, which eventually should have the ability to know the world as a human brain. But this term is again not used.

Another notable announcement relates to a key business Microsoft office application. The company introduced a new approach to working with such a document, the tool is Fluid – it includes the usual tables, text documents, charts, slides and new formats, such as a schedule or scheme, but not locked within individual programs, such a file can be embedded in any application from Microsoft, for example, in a letter in Outlook, and any recipient will see the latest version of the document, and edit the file to all users that have access, that is to say a constantly updated schedule, or to complement the table. Each recipient will see the latest version directly in the body of the letter is as the cloud-based Google docs or Microsoft, but without much reference to the document that still need to click. For the first time such a feature Microsoft showed last year, and now it will gradually roll out. The first users to access Office 365 enterprise and that interestingly, Microsoft publishes the source code from this platform, that opens it for all developers. Likely to a cloud-based office can be embedded anywhere.

Text: To.Hi-tech