Вести.net: large it companies have criticized Apple for greed

the Turkish police on its official website announced that in coordination with the state office of public Prosecutor takes the requirements of the blocking of the messenger Telegram. As stated in the Agency positively assessed the readiness of the founder of the service to combat terrorism and extremism. Recall that Telegram it was decided to block two years ago for the fact that the service did not disclose the security services encryption keys. Since complete blocking of the messenger was not achieved.

Two large it company Epic Games, the developer of the game Fortnite, and Match Group, the Creator of Tinder ganged up on Apple, or rather the size of the fee in the App store and found understanding among developers. Spoke sharply about this, and Pavel Durov, the founder mentioned that the messenger Telegram. He called the Commission Apple and Google crazy. Probably, the reason for the aggravation of the situation was the story with the email app from a small developer Basecamp, which has decided to accept payment for their service on its website by the Apple store, after which he was actually denied access to the “Apple” ecosystem. Even in correcting errors in the program Basecamp, which has already been downloaded by users. And all this against the background of the decisions of the European Commission, which opened two antitrust cases against Apple.

One on the approach to the payment system Apple Pay. The claim that the company does not allow third-party services to use the NFC chips in Apple devices to charge. This can only be done via Apple Pay. The second case concerns the Commission that Apple takes from developers. The essence of the claim is that Apple will charge for any in-app purchases for iPhone, Commission of 30% in the first year of operation of the company, then it is reduced to 15%. And past the App Store with the iPhone one can not work.

Here I must say that Apple is in fact the inventor, or at least the first company that introduced large-scale this is the format of the store-application – a single trusted site for all users of the ecosystem. That is, any time a developer gets access to audience sizes in billion people and it’s not just a lot, it is also the most solvent audience, accustomed to pay for the services.

Actually, this is what Apple and takes a third of all money. Part of the profits like to remind supporters of cupertinos company, she spends the funding of other projects, which she did not directly earn. For example, the creation and support for new operating systems. And besides, technically Apple has no monopoly position.

the mobile market is only 10%, rest of Gorlovskogo Android, which by the way also takes one third of the revenue of the developers, but Android lets you install apps from anywhere, not just from an official store. With iPhone doesn’t work, however, blame Apple not put it, and how it interacts with the creators of the applications of competitors “Apple”. For example, complaints to the European Commission filed a music service Spotify. They have a long history of confrontation. Version Spotify the copertina is its own music service Apple Music, so in this field they are competitors. Only Music that Apple should not pay a single 30 or 15% Commission on each subscriber, in other words, other things being equal, the subscription on Spotify is obtained for the user more. And try to get user’s money directly, so the risk to be excommunicated from the App Store and respectively of a billion potential customers.

by the Way, in some cases, Apple enters into a separate agreement on a reduced fee or completely negate it. So a few years ago, Netflix has made to its users at a lower cost to renew the subscription on their own website Netflix. A separate agreement with Amazon and its Prime Video service, but some developers do not like that option. In Epic Games, and this is a very great player, Creator of one of the most popular games in the world said that a separate agreement with Apple will not go the essentialbut.

Text: To.Hi-tech