the dispute between the American Commission on securities and the Telegram ended. According to the publication of The Bell agreement was reached with a controller with multiple conditions and that’s what. First, Telegram is obliged to return the illegally obtained profit in the amount of $1 billion 220 million to the project investors. Second, the Telegram shall not violate the securities act, which according to the regulator was broken during the ICO. Thirdly, within three days of the Telegram shall within 45 days notify the securities Commission before issue of the digital asset is a cryptocurrency and digital money. And the fourth condition – Telegram offices will pay a fine of $18.5 million.

“Kaspersky Lab” has developed a protection for the autopilot it is a blog management that becomes part of the driver assistance system. For the creation of the controller, said the company AVL, one of the oldest and largest independent centres in the field of automotive industry. “Kaspersky lab” has introduced this blog management platform on the basis of its operating system KasperskyOS, it came out something like a hardware antivirus, it monitors the processes in the machine.

Yevgeny Ponomarev, Manager of business development KasperskyOS: “Now there are trends of cyber security for the automotive industry to create a safe design of systems. Accordingly, one of the characteristics of such secure systems, for example, is process isolation. KasperskyOS allows all the processes that run on the blog to be isolated from each other and communication is strictly controlled by specialized policies that are already laid inside the blog. Accordingly, if an attacker tries to use some vulnerability, for example, in autopilot, further he has his attack spread cannot because the system is tamper block”.

this approach with isolation of each process was chosen. Media often tell stories about how the attacker to remotely interceptWali driving and poisoned him into the oncoming lane, as it were, for example with Tesla. Another example, incidentally, was indicative of the experience of the breaking of the car by the researchers, when the computer security experts hacked into a Jeep Cherokee speeding on the highway at a speed of 110 km/h And first dabbled in while Cycling the air conditioning and windshield wipers, and then got to the transmission. “Kaspersky lab” and the company AVL now testing a prototype device in the laboratory, in August I plan to install it on the car and to proceed with the tests in the urban environment.

Text: To.Hi-tech