Вести.net: in the United States started testing scooters-drones

In the United States launched the first service-rent scooters with remote control. They create two companies Go X and the Tortoise. One, in fact, develops scooters, the other equips them with the ability to remotely control, including for reasons of beskonechnosti. The popularity of services for short-term rentals of Segways has a downside. Users throw them anywhere, often near any popular places. As a result, the sidewalks get piles of scooters, and in other areas, they are not enough, you have to wait there until the evening they will gather in the morning and will deliver employees of the company-operator.

Well, among other things, because such employees are paid for the number of scooters there were even fights between contractors and scooters need to take on charging, on sanitation, and vandalism has not been canceled. All of this not once has even led to a complete ban of smoothering in different cities. In the new service scooters can manage remote employees, they are guided by GPS and a built-in device cameras. To control, by the way, used gamepads for the Xbox so that the scooter does not lose balance during self-motion he added a couple of wheels.

of Course, in the future I plan to make scooters at all unmanned. In any case, and now the pros are that the company can always guarantee the supply of the scooter directly to the home user. He doesn’t need to even go to some of the nearest point. The cameras provide extra security if someone decides to destroy a scooter. While a fleet of 100 of these scooters are tested in a limited area in the business Park of the state of Georgia.

However, configure all optimistic, saying that all the current services for short-term rentals of scooters unprofitable. In particular, because in the evening all the devices you have to collect to charge and deliver in the morning again. A remote control allows you to service the scooters during the day on a flexible schedule. However, questions to technology EUth. First, the makers do not disclose how much more expensive are scooters. And therefore the rental value is unclear. And non-obvious safety of this scooter to others when it is controlled remotely. But in any case, the drone delivery of anything from scooters that deliver themselves, to robots that deliver the products are highly appreciated by investors. Especially against the background of the quarantine.

recently the New York Times reminded of a pilot project in a small UK city, Milton Keynes, where RoboTask available to the entire population, and that 270 thousand people. Orders from the nearest shops, delivering a kind of self-governing suitcases. Locals especially appreciate the convenience of delivery in isolation. No contact with other people, even with couriers, but new problems arose. Robots are not enough, and the delivery now I have to wait almost a week, and is placed in the robot for just a couple of bags of groceries.

you can Order only from shops, not from supermarket, that is purchased for the entire family for a long time does not work. Robots designed and managed by pioneers of this market, a company Starship Technologies, and the pilot project in the British city has been held for two years. That is, despite a high level of expertise and experience, the company was not ready for the rapid growth of demand. And this despite the fact that according to experts, Milton Keynes – a very friendly city, just for robotaki, it was built after the Second world war, and the draft originally laid wide sidewalks and bike paths, which can safely ride robots, without disturbing anyone. There are no subways, and people mostly live in private homes, that is delivered right to your door easier than, say, in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, which, however does not deprive these cities of the future robocuprescue performed for example “Yandex-Rovers”, which is already well tested, though it is also not in residential areas.

Text: News.Hi-tech