Вести.net in the chats of WhatsApp will add money transfers

In the popular WhatsApp messenger appeared payments. However while the feature is only available in Brazil. And GitHub – the largest repository of open source code that will replace painted racial terms in the code of all projects.

In the popular WhatsApp messenger appeared payments. However while the feature is only available in Brazil. Users can already send money to each other and to pay companies for goods and services. To run Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, has agreed with the payment systems Visa and Mastercard, and leading banks and operators of electronic payments in Brazil. For casual users of the translation will be free, for business, the Commission will be about 4% is a lot. In Russia, for example, the cost of acquiring typically less than 2%, but Facebook is betting on small business, which in Brazil is very developed.

the country more than 10 million small and micro enterprises, which are not always ready to put terminals to work with traditional Bank cards. And WhatsApp in Brazil is extremely popular, including among businesses. Traditionally, the company contact clients there. The monthly audience of service of more than 120 million people. That’s half the population of Brazil. This, incidentally, is comparable to the popularity of the service in Russia. We use it almost 60% of the population.

In Brazil, also gained popularity WhatsApp service Business, the application through which entrepreneurs can place a digital showcase products, communicate with customers on behalf of the company. Now the goods it will be possible to pay directly in the messenger. An important feature to process payments using your own system Facebook Pay, the service is already running in Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the USA, but it was first used for payment in WhatsApp and not actually in Facebook. Interestingly, the original Facebook was going to launch payments via WhatsApp not in Brazil, and in India. This is the second market in the world by number of users of Internet after China and there from WhatsApp audience of 400 million users. But there until the project is only at the testing stage in 2018. Due to disagreements with the financial regulator Facebook it has not yet launched.

In any case, this is another step Facebook is to create a global payment system, after the company failed with its own cryptocurrency Libra and actually faced a ban with the groans of the financial regulator the United States, she said that will change the approach and promised not to create our own currency, and make digital wallets, like “Yandex.Money” or WebMoney, PayPal talking about the American reality.

And about today’s American realities. GitHub is the largest repository of open source project code will replace the painted racial terms in the code of all projects. So the company reacted to the protests in support of the black population in the United States. We are talking about the terms and commands that might be offensive in the first place for African Americans. For example, master and slave, which describes the priority of the processes in the program, but literally means “master and slave”. Their offer to replace the teams main and secondary, i.e. primary and secondary. The terms blacklist and whitelist, that is literally black and white list they want to replace allowlist and blocklist, that is, the list of allowed and prohibited. Here the point is that psychologists believe the use of such terms leads to the consolidation of the language vocabulary that may offend part of the population. Before such a step is already gone, the creators of other projects: Android, the Go programming language and some other companies. But GitHub are 50 million developers and it’s already getting global changes.

Text: To.Hi-tech