Вести.net Google will protect ∎killer SMS∎ end-to-end encryption

Google plans to introduce end-to-end encryption is the new version of SMS. Internal build version 6.2 Google Messages has twelve lines of code, indicate the use of end-to-end encryption Protocol RСS. Protocol Rich Communication Service is an SMS receiver that is outdated and can’t send pictures, sound, videos and even links. Sort of the legacy of the era before the Internet.

RCS is the next step, it allows you to conduct group chats and make video calls. Mobile operators for quite some time tried to create something similar, more modern, but no one worked. Then it took Google, who loses in this plan to the iPhone maker with its iMessage service that combines SMS and modern encrypted messenger for the Apple ecosystem. Search Corporation first introduced the RCS-chat as the main platforms for text messaging on Android devices in 2018. Even then the main drawback was the lack of encryption for the communications of users and now Google tries to make end-to-end encryption as iMessage uses.

Despite the end-to-end encryption of Russian mobile operators are pessimistic. In MTS, “Beeline” and “Tele2” several times started a pilot program to introduce RCS, but to the masses they never came. Meanwhile, regional operators spoke about the losses and bankruptcies due to free access to socially significant sites. “RBC” quotes from a letter from the four regional associations of communications, the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin. It says that approximately half of the subscribers uses mainly ten to twenty sites that got to the list socially significant and if these resources will be free, customers may opt out of paid services, which threatens small providers losses or even bankruptcy. Let me remind you, as formulated in the Government list includes 391 resource, including “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” and otherssocial network search services and mail Mail.Ru “Yandex” and “Rambler” – news aggregators, services, delivery of goods and other resources.

Text: To.Hi-tech