Вести.net Google has released a public beta Android 11

Google has presented a new version of the mobile operating system, Android 11. Because of the epidemic of the coronavirus conference of developers Google I/O (there were usually announcements of previous versions of Android) has been postponed for unknown period of time. Scheduled for 3 June online event Android 11 Beta Launch Shown was also delayed due to protests in the United States.

In the end, the search giant settled on an unusual format of presentation: instead of a live broadcast had cost a dozen videos on YouTube and a page on the developers website.

the Most important innovations in the Android 11 revolve around three key themes: people, controls, and privacy. People — involve the division of notification messages into two parts: correspondence and miscellaneous. Now in notifications, notifications from communication services is provided in the section, which is always higher than other messages. Moreover, you can prioritize messages from important people for you, then they will be shown first.

the controls that allow users to control “smart” home: the curtain system menu adds a control connected devices of the Internet of things. By default, all is set to Google Home, but they say that it is possible to climb here and third-party developers, that is going to control the house without having to unlock your phone, for example.

There and put and control of media — right from your phone. The new Android version 11 is still in beta mode, but it can be put on smartphones, but only on phones Gorlovskogo production. And that is not all: just for the Pixel 2 and newer.

Text: To.Hi-tech