Вести.net Germany launches the app for monitoring coronavirus

Germany until the end of the week promises to launch app for contact tracing with the patient coronavirus-based solutions from Apple and Google. It via Bluetooth will monitor all devices, next to which was a man and if he finds a coronavirus, then anyone who had contact with him will be notified and will have to be tested, either to isolate themselves.

a Similar program has already submitted several countries of Europe, but so far none of them have not become truly mainstream. To work correctly you need to install software 60% and even 80% of the population. So in Italy already operates an application Immuni. It is also created on the basis of decisions from Google and Apple and downloaded more than 1 million people, it is one and a half percent of the population. Similar numbers reported and France, though there is the app “Stop COVID-19” uses a solution from Google and Apple, and own French. According to Financial Times, Europe disagreed about whether to use Apple and Google, which is focusing on the privacy of users, or to develop its own technology with the ability to store user data centrally and at home.

Yet Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria use the solution from Apple and Google. Britain, France and Norway create their own solutions. Of these, only France had then launched the program. Britain held only a pilot and promised to implement the system, and when is unknown. And Norway actually had to stop the project and remove all, as a data protection authority decided that the state agencies have collected too much personal information of citizens. Almost the same is said today the attorney General of the state of new York, Letitia James. She has asked Apple and Google to carefully check all third-party applications to track contacts, because, in fact, today, any developer can make their own decision and the question is how he will use the information from the userresidents.

the Situation is complicated by the fact that such medical applications often trust people enough sensitive data. Prosecutors said that Apple and Google need to be sure that third-party programs do not use the data for earnings, advertising and marketing, as well as remove all the information within 14 days after the person who was infected ceases to be a danger to others. The solution to this problem and the answer to the Prosecutor and Google, and Apple have until Friday.

meanwhile Ericsson, one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for cellular networks, introduced today the traditional report with the analysis of what is happening in the world. The main conclusion – even situation and a global pandemic quarantines for the development of networks of the fifth generation is almost not affected. Moreover, the forecast number of connections to the new communication standard revised in a big way. Ericsson is sure that by the end of this year, the 5G will be able to use 190 million people worldwide, largely due to China, where the introduction of this standard is raised to the rank of government priority. Large-scale incentive programs transition to the fifth generation taken in South Korea, and the United States. In the end, according to Ericsson forecasts, by 2025 the cellular network 5G will encompass 2 billion 800 million subscribers. And the volume of traffic in cellular networks will grow five times in a month will be transferred to 164 EB, that is billions GB. For comparison, in 2006, that is the amount generally held all the then available digital information.

Text: To.Hi-tech