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New details of how did an Israeli company NSO Group, the one that sells security services around the world the tools for hacking smartphones. According to the publication Motherboard, the Corporation had a network of servers smartphones in the United States. Moreover she was faking Facebook that will force users to click on the link and then install it on their devices with malware.

If it is confirmed in court, the situation for NSO Group, and not just the main cracker in the world is a bit involved. Just because Facebook is trying to sue the company. The backstory is long and confusing. NSO Group, founded by immigrants from units of the army of Israel, for ten years developing the tools for hacking smartphones like Android and iOS. And there is hardware that unlocks the physical available devices and tools for cyber-attacks, that is, the remote hacking of smartphones, it is known as Pegasus.

the Company States that it sells its solutions only to intelligence agencies, because they use these tools to fight terrorism and crime. However, over the past two years has been several cases where the Pegasus used to hack not really criminals. For example, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, he was killed, and the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. As confirmed by the UN investigation behind it almost personally the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman. And that’s just in the Wake of this and several other attacks, which were cracked WhatsApp owned by Facebook social network and tries to sue the NSO Group for the American law on computer fraud.

the Journalists Motherboard spoke with a former employee of NSO Group, and he told them the details. For example, confirmed that Pegasus is able to hack including current iOS version and Android, to access test reports and correspondence in social networks and messengers. To track the location and remotely turn on the camera or MickRion. Moreover, there is a version of Pegasus that are installed without following the link, apparently, so managed to crack the phone and Jeff Bezos. As the American media has written the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia personally sent him a Trojan video. But there is a version of Pegasus, which requires the victim to follow the link and for the user to believe it and clicked the company used phishing sites, those which address and design similar to pages of trusted companies.

In particular, it was used the design center security Facebook. Multiple servers which conducted the attack were located in the United States and one of them was located in the Amazon cloud, the head of which Jeff Bezos, in fact, hacked. Motherboard found that Facebook already gained control of false domains. But the fact that the NSO Group has used the same tactic they say strengthens the position of Facebook in court. However, in the course of the proceedings it turned out that seven years ago the social network itself tried to hire NSO to collect detailed information about network activity of its users, but the Israelis refused, because we only cooperate with the secret police and against criminals, in General, all very confusing.

Text: To.Hi-tech