Вести.net Apple and Google have completed the system monitoring coronavirus

Apple and Google released a public version of the tool to alert the user that they were near sick with coronavirus. Early access was just a test version, but now the developers who prepared the application using this tool can place their software in the app stores.

About the system we have already told, it works still simple way. That is, each mobile scans the area for Bluetooth with another phone and finding such exchanges a special key. These keys are random and change every 15 minutes. The developers claim that there is no way to associate a set of keys with a particular person. If one user becomes infected, he tells the system about this and it marks generirovanie his smartphone for a certain period keys as potentially dangerous contact. So everyone who was with this person and gathered all the keys get a notification.

There is an important point — access to this feature, Apple and Google opened only for the Ministry of health of the States. Willingness to use the technology announced for several European countries. The Russian Ministry’s participation in this program has not yet been confirmed. Meanwhile, Apple has added functionality to these apps in the new update of the iOS operating system. Users have the ability to specify which applications will have access to this feature or disable it. In Russia all this is not yet available. In the update there is yet another innovation caused by a coronavirus. For users of smartphones, which rasplachivayutsya in the face many have complained that while wearing the mask a smartphone a few seconds unsuccessfully trying to identify the owner and only then allow to enter a password. The system prompts you to enter a password as soon as the unlocking has failed.

To hardware innovations. Google showed a concert of woven electronics, cords, fabric braid with a touch interface. Thus, for example, Abel headphone becomes a means of control. The company called the helical-sensitive matrix. The cord throughout the length of the interwoven strands that conduct electricity. Torsional and compression parameters of the current change and it can be tracked. In the prototype, a short press on the cord — pause, double — next track, twisting of wire — volume control. There are other options for gestures: slide the cord or slap with the hand on it.

For feedback in the cable is woven of strands of fiber — confirmation of the command party. Recognition accuracy say at the moment 94%. And Google is seriously going to implement these interfaces in headphones for music control, even in hoodies or t-shirts. All over woven “touch interfaces” Google has been working for quite some time. It is called the direction of the company Project Jacquard. And develops on this background, an engineer from Russia — Ivan Pupyrev. And, perhaps the most notable presentation was five years ago. The company then showed the jacket that was interwoven with conductive threads. With this garment you can control the phone, answer calls or change the volume. Three years ago, Google even released the project a Jean jacket together with Levis, but technology has not yet become.

Text: To.Hi-tech