Вести.net: app for tracking contacts with people infected with coronavirus will be cross-border

Apps to track contacts with people infected with coronavirus will be cross-border. In Europe to adopt technical rules that will enable such programs to work outside of certain countries, a sort of roaming norms. The problem is that a lot of countries, and the application of different, sometimes fundamentally different.

In General, the phone is constantly looking for a next to other devices via Bluetooth, as soon as finds – exchanges impersonal code, if someone is sick with coronavirus his keys are marked as dangerous, and all who found them get an appropriate message. App for tracking contacts have already released or are preparing to do it in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, France and Norway. But with the opening of the borders within Europe there is a new problem is to control the flow of foreigners or its citizens abroad. Here and useful would be standardization of applications.

it is Assumed that the contact information will be stored decentrally, i.e. on devices of the users. Data promises to transfer so that users on their basis it was impossible to identify. Locations to transfer too will not be. And here are the requirements similar to what is implemented by Apple and Google on their mobile platforms. These tools already are Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland. But the United Kingdom, France and Norway are developing their own solution. There contact information is stored centrally and is accessible, for example, the Ministry of health of the countries. Their application to the requirements of the European Commission are not very consistent and how to integrate them into a single roaming-space is not yet clear. This technological split reduces the chances of the entire enterprise. According to the epidemiology work system app installed from 60 to 80% of the population. This already difficult task. Now in France and Italy the app is installed only about 2% of people. But if a program separate fromTran will work separately, then everything will be even less promising.

the Company Boston Dynamics began almost free sale of their cyberpal Spot. Most famous robot is now available to any company, but only in the US. It will cost at 74.5 thousand dollars is more than 5 million rubles. For companies from other countries are invited to take the robot to rent. Will ship it immediately, the promise period of about two months. And I say it’s worth it to Boston Dynamics claim that the first customers have successfully used roboplow on construction sites, power plants, decommissioned nuclear facilities, factories and laboratories. For example, with their help it is possible to subject the test construction and so on.

For different tasks can be purchased in modules that extend the capabilities of the robot, a laser radar, cameras, different sensors and manipulators. Spot operates on a single charge for up to 90 minutes, it’s also possible to buy an extra battery, the robot accelerates up to about 60 km per hour and can carry a load up to 14 kg, in spite of the rain and dust. But there is an unusual method of application. In Singapore robodog patrol parks in the period of the coronavirus and urged people to stay away from each other. How effectively it monitors compliance with the race is unclear, but the crowd of the curious attracted for sure. So another obvious use case is to order a whole fleet of these robots, customize them and produce a video. Experience the most Boston Dynamics, which Spot in the frame dragged the trucks in harness as deer, danced, and ran from the lab, helping each other, showed that such videos collected an audience of millions and win-win, but not cheap.

Text: To.Hi-tech