Вести.net Amazon buys stars for podcasts

Podcasts turn into a new fashion trend in high-tech industry. The star leading in this area, companies are willing to pay millions of dollars. As writes Agency Bloomberg, the managers of Amazon for several years negotiating with the various projects and producers on the subject of buying potential stars in the world of podcasts. While journalists claim for exclusive rights Amazon offers amounts from several hundred thousand to several million dollars, which is several times higher than any competitors offer.

Interestingly, the company apparently intends to develop podcasts in two of their services: in the online store Audible audio books and Amazon Music. As for Audible everything is to be expected, it is a service sold the audio content before the podcast got its name five years ago was even the most recognizable brand among the podcast listeners. In the last few years Audible is financing the original series of programs with famous authors, giving preference to celebrities who can expand the audience beyond avid listener of audio books.

But running with Amazon Music was unexpected. According to Bloomberg, after rumors that soon Amazon Music add podcasts to your app team Audible with a vengeance began to search for potential stars of podcasting and even decided to review their subscription model. Amazon Music is the fourth biggest paid music service, behind Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music, and the main audience falls on the owners of “smart” speaker with Alexa voice assistant on Board. The leader in this field is the Swedish Spotify, which last year bought for $ 230 million from the two companies. One of the world’s most famous podcast Studio Gimlet Media and a platform for recording and disseminating all of the same podcasts. Of the major players in this market, it’s also worth noting Apple Music and YouTube Music. In Russia, this market still formsto aromatise. After a false start 8-10 years ago we are talking not about individual sites, and on larger players testing this model. In the fall of 2018 free podcast platform launched the “Vkontakte”, in the winter of 2019 and “Yandex.Music” opened a beta version of the topic with audio explanation and podcasts. The section called “Remusica”, however understanding how such audio in demand in the domestic market. The company the results of their experiments are not divided. And quarantined podcasts are experiencing hard times, because they listen normally on the run or in the way in transport, at work or school or Vice versa, when it is inconvenient to view YouTube or write in social networks.

Text: To.Hi-tech