the Voice assistant “Alice has” settled in “smart” columns global player JBL, fixed Link Music JBL and JBL portable Link Portable. In USA these speakers are sold with built-in assistants Google Assistant. Yandex is not the first time agrees about installing a helper in column a third party when entering the Russian market. So was the case with LG for example.

Now “Alice” supports “smart” columns of its own production “Yandex.Station”, “Yandex.Mini”, as well as device partners, including HP A, Dexp Smartbox, LG and Elari SmartBeat. But voice assistant “Marusya” from Mail.ru Group is not in a hurry with registration in the partner column. She decided to teach new skills and allowed third-party developers to create these same skills to a voice assistant.

Developers will be able to come up with a command for activation from any sphere: business, education, entertainment or something else. After checking the skill will be available to all users “Maroussi” and the voice assistant app it speakers. Currently at “Maroussi” about hundreds of skills, while the “Alice” – 3000, but “Yandex” was the giveaway in two years. The company has allowed developers to create teams for Alice in 2018. A number of these skills, or skills or commands that “smart” assistant understands is the primary metric of usefulness and relevance of a voice assistant.

Text: To.Hi-tech