Вести.net: ABBYY posted their AI development in open access

Russian ABBYY, one of the world leaders in recognition of texts and documents, laid out in open access the library for machine learning NeoML. ABBYY does a lot of it, but it is the recognition, built on machine learning, and brought her global fame. And now she’s doing the public a set of tools for creating and training neural networks, what is called a library.

the fact that the most popular approach to programming, especially if you’re not a big Corporation, not to build something from scratch, don’t reinvent the wheel but to use existing developments. From now on, developers worldwide will be able to quickly create new applications based on neural networks that will work faster, on the basis of NeoML ABBYY. And scope of programs for grocery stores to solutions for banks, directions from OCR to analysts forecasts, and risk management.

ABBYY compares their product that provide access to world leaders in the field of machine learning. Similar projects in the status of Open source have Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other corporations and ABBY think looks good.

Ivan Yamshchikov, AI-ABBYY Evangelist: “And in iPhone, and Android is now, this particular type of support machine learning algorithms to device something to recognize, for example, photographed the document and immediately moved him from the pictures in the text, things I want to do on the device at all without going to the server to store user data on the device. We compared with other benchmarks, such as libraries that do similar things. Our model when they are trained faster than say TensorFlow and they are cross-platform. You’re not tied to the ecosystem of Google or Apple.”

Not least the moment – in fact support the principle of freely available, when its author from publishing the code does not lose, but only win. ZarabotavAET ABBYY is still not on the library itself, and the products that use it to create. And if the tool is laid out in open access and actively use, the developer community that develops around it helps to grow faster.

Ivan Yamshchikov, AI-Evangelist ABBYY: “We welcome the desire of some other players in the market, if they take NeoML and their products will begin to do. This is the main idea – to give the tool out, to show we’ve been doing cool stuff, we believe in it, we think it is useful, we use it, we think it solves a problem that the market is important and necessary. Guys use, improve, modify to suit your needs for a common cause and common good. This idea of Open Source, and in the same idea and release him.”

However, while ABBYY is not going to spread in open access, what other developments. They say we have to see how demand will be NeoML the project, if successful, after a few years in ABBYY promise to make publicly available and other products.

Text: To.Hi-tech