In Stockholm there are seven human rights and environmental activists have been awarded the Right Livelihood Award. The award, which is also known as the Alternative Nobel prize, endowed with prize money of three million Swedish kronor...
well-Known series, many movies and a few in-house productions: That was a long time the recipe for success of Netflix. The Streaming service was virtually alone, increased the effect. But times have changed. Netflix relies more and...
a Lot of fun with the Tweets of the week and a nice weekend! son (4) would like to go alone into the basement to fetch a jar of jam. After only 5 minutes...
"Alexa, play Christmas songs." This command will provide any amount in dispute under the Christmas tree. Also this year will be a lot of Amazon echo. And while the handle is a half of Germans see the...
In Germany is almost threatened a fifth of the people of poverty or social exclusion. In the year 2017, the proportion was, according to the Federal statistical office, at 19 percent, equivalent to about 15.5 million people....
When Apple introduced the new iPad Pro, marveled at the Tech scene. Apple had evaporated the edges of the tablet, in order to give the Display more room. Nevertheless, it was possible for the group to make...
Contents page 1 — "I see the AfD as a way to enrich my lessons" page 2 — "I wonder if I read a denunciation worthy of the' I'm" On a page In Hamburg, started the AfD group...
The Internet was supposed to liberate humanity with information - so the pious desire. But it was with his boundless freedom, to the depths of the people. Long fight against sexual depictions of children is also part...
Write more long E-Mails or WhatsApp messages on the phone and not fret that it goes faster? With an external keyboard, you can put the Smartphone out of your Hand, and your texts within a few minutes...


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Death Stranding Review: A Postman against the end of the world

Death Stranding appears as the first title of the 2015 independent Studios, "Kojima Productions" and contains probably the most elaborate Go-Simulator, the...
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