Contents page 1 — Hilfslos and without landing page 2 — Look, even women can be evil! On a page read Unfortunately, there is no prize for the prettiest video game. Far Cry would win it otherwise for...
The Cluster of the Automotive industry, warning of new cuts and loss of investment and calls for measures to maintain templates The Council advocates an "orderly transition" towards the ban of...
Philippe Besson certainly will not be consul of France in Los Angeles. The Council of State annulled the decree issued on August 4, which was to allow for the appointment of the writer to this prestigious...
the group of The AfD in the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg is United for this week. Among the four representatives of the group Chairman Jörg Meuthen two men out of the room, Pforzheim, Germany: Bernd Grimmer, 66, economist,...
Tied with Getafe and confirms its position of descent: 12 dates without a win The VAR is not reviewed for a clear penalty from Iñigo Martínez in the discount ...
The car on and complete by mobile phone? This is already today, with some manufacturers, a reality, if you are next to a vehicle with abonniertem Connectivity service-the networking of the car is of the coin –...
Contents page 1 — With swastikas to play but page 2 — A swastika-free Version was provided On one side read Berlin Alexanderplatz, February 1933. From the distance three men in uniforms to go around an elderly gentleman....
Duel at loggerheads for the former headquarters of Manuel Valls, the mayor of Evry, supported by The Republic in march, and the candidate of France Insubordinate qualified Sunday for the second round of the legislative partial...
The jungle of digital platforms, it's almost finished. Franck Riester, the minister of Culture, is well decided to whistle the end of recess. "We need to reaffirm our cultural sovereignty, sustain our French model of creation, our...
Contents page 1 — In space nobody will hear you moan page 2 — Sex as a cul-de-SAC page 3 — "Mass Effect: Andromeda" not convinced otherwise On a page ", Now press X for sex" read. The camera...


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Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

The President of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky told the TV channel "Russia 24" that during a pandemic the value of digital products, the economy has grown. While modern realities helped to expose a number of shortcomings, including cyber attacks.