Milan "I've invested my fortune, the fruit of 70 years of work, my 62 per cent of Luxottica, in exchange for 32 % of EssilorLuxottica." Self-made-man to the fine silhouette and tan, Leonardo...
The RN (ex-FN) can be embodied, for a national election, by another person by one or a Pen ? Yes, the evidence with Jordan Bardella... some observers are concerned : but that was therefore,...
Contents page 1 — Buried, in pixels, page 2 — study on "Skyrim" On a page Careful Andrew Reinhard directs the laser beam from his gun in a circular orbit around its Fund. After he pulverized the porous...
Contents page 1 — We only want to get page 2 to play — The big Surprise of E3 On a page Every summer, read the video game industry meets for novelties show in Los Angeles. This time,...
Contents page 1 — "The Games industry promotes the Unimaginative" page 2 — "The System rewards destructive behavior" On a page to read Barry Meade is the developer and co-founder of Fireproof Games, a video game Studio that...
DE RUGY - The revelations of the week on dinners glitzy organized around François de Rugy have not escaped the yellow Vests this Saturday. essentials The week's high on revelations around François de Rugy has...
Contents page 1 — The Revolution Won't Be Twitched on page 2 — Where is the revolutionary potential of video? Page 3 — The revolution attempt failed for the time being On a page to read The Game...
EUROPEAN - in The month of may, the european Parliament is renewed. Who is a candidate in the european election in France ? That are forecasting the latest polls ? What are the issues ? The point....
Contents page 1 — How the fun to the game page 2 — the idea of The useless Games On a page Why do we play? Need to make digital games are fun? It is always the speech...
Contents page 1 — In space nobody will hear you moan page 2 — Sex as a cul-de-SAC page 3 — "Mass Effect: Andromeda" not convinced otherwise On a page ", Now press X for sex" read. The camera...


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Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

The President of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky told the TV channel "Russia 24" that during a pandemic the value of digital products, the economy has grown. While modern realities helped to expose a number of shortcomings, including cyber attacks.