the procedure for The dissolution of the municipal council of Hesdin (Pas-de-Calais)has been launched by the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais, and will shortly be examined by the council of ministers, according to several sources. The mayor various...
A discovery novel. The findings of a study conducted by an egyptologist from a canadian university say that two of the sisters of Tutankhamun, and not a single one, are mounted together on the throne of...
For decades, the BMW plant Berlin-Spandau is one of the most important international locations in the industry. Here-made two-wheelers are traded worldwide. The product range of the Bavarian automotive group encompasses a variety of models, including agile,...
Still far from firing on their own growth in terms of jobs, the eco-activities* however, have the wind in their sails. According to a study of the general Commissioner for sustainable development (CGDD) published Tuesday, the number...
Caracas In the pediatric hospital of Caracas, the list of children who died from lack of care or of drugs continues to grow. They are four parties in the month of may. The...
The former candidate of the PS in the presidential present with its movement Generation.s a list in the european elections. This new left list is composed of part of the movement and of civilian. No...
"Make America great again" and make his greatness to America). For that slogan turns into reality, Donald Trump did not hesitate Tuesday to put pressure on the u.s. central bank, an institution known for its independence. Asking...
Budapest Minister and professor of constitutional law, Laszlo Trocsanyi leads the list of the Fidesz in the european elections. Candidate for a post of european commissioner, he calls to hear the position of...
We didn't know when he entered the Elysée, too young, too new, and it is perhaps this that explains in part his victory - against those that we knew too. Two years after, we know more...
"I can't guarantee a 100% result, but it is certain that you will come out transformed." Mr. P.*, practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars, receives in its office of the IIIe arrondissement of Paris. His teapot cast iron...


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Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

The President of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky told the TV channel "Russia 24" that during a pandemic the value of digital products, the economy has grown. While modern realities helped to expose a number of shortcomings, including cyber attacks.